KNH Associates offers a variety of services, including the following:

Communications Coaching

We utilize a multi-pronged approach, from improving your executives’ presentation skills (including speeches, news interviews and video conferences) to developing their ability to engage with the Board of Directors, the media or potential clients. We also give them the tools to interact with colleagues in a more confident, concise and effective way.

Leadership Development

Executive coaching for star performers who seem “stuck,” assisting them in formulating pragmatic strategies to reach their goals and achieve management targets. When we’re finished, they radiate an authentic executive presence that’s good for them - and for you.

Talent & Teams

Team building that’s built on strategy and gap analysis, not on exercises that evaporate when the day is done. Targeted training that focuses on what you need, with a custom-designed plan of action so that you get the best out of all your players, all of the time.